I’ve Moved!!!

If you’re reading this, your link to the Everyday Athlete is stinkin’ old! Please update yer bookmarks – the new location for the site is here. I’ll see you there!

Sorry for the late notice… I meant to do this when I changed locations. I feel like such a jerk. 😦

The RSS feed has changed as well – you can subscribe to the new feed here.



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PSA: Pardon Our Dust

Just a quick note to let you know that I am in the process of migrating onto my own server so if you notice anything funny over the next few days, that’s the reason why.

Things should be back to normal by Friday and the change is going to enable me to do even more cool stuff here.

Thanks for your patience,
The Management

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Forest Park Video: Escape From Work Island!

This is what I’m talking about. Post-work, Forest Park. Sal and I took off for a training ride and ended up running into two teammates. The rest is 100% pure fall glory.

You can’t beat Portland for this – this trail is 3 miles from my office.

Sal shot this while riding, with a very old Canon Powershot (not a true digital video recorder). Never fear – I just used my iPhone rebate to purchase a spankin’ new Canon DV Recorder so I can capture all of the remaining 2007 cyclocross mayhem.


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I Heart Forest Park

I have been locked in the Westin LAX for 5 days straight without rest. Fifteen hours of work every day. Hotel meals. Boring treadmill runs at 5:30 in the morning.

When I step into the light outside the front doors of the hotel to catch the airport shuttle I am stunned.

This is the first sun I’ve seen in all those days. The first fresh air. And I use that term loosely because I am in LA, after all.

My flight is delayed after we board. We sit on the runway for an hour. I don’t get home until 1:00am.

And then, on Monday, there’s Forest Park. And my new riding buddy (who just placed 2nd in the B field!).

The day is clear and bright. Continue reading

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27 Nutrition Tips from The Master (John Berardi): Part One

When it comes to nutriton, there are a lot of voices out there on the internet vying for your attention. Doing a simple search for “best nutrition strategies” can be overwhelming enough to deter you from making the changes that you want to make. Who to believe?!

Everyone is a fitness expert, right? Every new website has a different plan an opinions on strategy shift drastically from month to month. It can be frustrating.

I’ve spent a lot of time online sifting through all the information out there, and at the end of the day, it’s John Berardi that rises to the top. His free articles like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutrition Plans are diamond mines of rock-solid nutrition advice from a guy who has been formally studying exercise science and nutrition for years.

In the following weeks I’ll be featuring 27 tips from Berardi: starting today!

Continue reading


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Stranded on Marketing Seminar Island: How Sad am I!?

It’s true.

I’m stuck at a marketing seminar in LA through Sunday.

Do you realize what this means? Do you realize that I am separated from my bike during ‘cross season? Do you realize that I am actually going to miss a cyclocross race? DO YOU KNOW HOW SAD THIS MAKE ME? Continue reading


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Cycling Buddy: Find a Workout Partner for Inspiration

Leif Erickson trail is dark and damp.  We roll up it, turning over pedals with legs that are something more than tired.


We’re recovering.  Neither one of us really understands this “recovery ride” thing, but we’ve learned to have faith and take chances.  We’re giving it a shot.

We are alone.  At least so far as cyclists are concerned.

We pass one or two runners coming down, ducking out of Forest Park just in the nick of time.  Outrunning the setting sun.

We’re riding straight into the darkness and we don’t care because we have lights.  And a mission. Continue reading


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