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The Rainbow Classic

The weekend just kind of snuck up on me. We were supposed to be playing a one day tournament in Woodland on Saturday. I was bolstered for a long day in the sun with the dust blowing into my eyes in deep center. I’d wake up at the crack of dawn to make it there in time for another shitty draw. We’d play and play and play and then Sam and I would drive home at the end of a long day and go to bed.

Sunday would be mellow and predictable.

I was prepared for all of that. But it didn’t quite happen that way.

And here is the reminder that it is best to always try to roll with things. To float on top and run with the current. To be aware of your journey, conscious of your destination, but willing to make a few detours.

At the last minute the team decides to enter a tournament up in Forestville. It’s a two-day gig called the Rainbow Classic.

We’ve never done this tournament before but we wager that it must be better than the dustball known as Woodland. Gears are switched and entry fees are paid. We are going to the Rainbow Classic.

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