Glowing bright white haze.  Windows frosted over.  Presents are starting to accumulate under the tree.
Some for me.  Some for him.  Some for the cats.

I can’t seem to get well and the constant fatigue is starting to eat away at my spirits.  I haven’t had a true appetite in a week though I continue to eat small meals when and where I should.

I want to ride my bike and run but I keep driving to work thinking that barring myself from the freezing temperatures is the right thing to do.  At some point taking care of my spirit is going to overcome my commitment to taking care of my lungs.  I need to see action, and soon.

Portland continues to steal my heart – I haven’t seen a winter like this in years.  Good, solid rain followed by days of shiny, freezing frost.  I love it all.  In fact, I am dreading the end of the cold season.

The next three days will be overly full of work, errands, projects, and more work.  I’ll be ready for the break that is coming.

Cheery McCheer-Pants,



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