Boot Camp Intake

I met Daniel today.

He is the Boot Camp Instructor.

We did an pre-camp eval which included measurements, a weigh-in and a body fat measurement.  I’ve never had my body fat measured before and the whole plastic calipers thing really made me feel impossibly large.  I took it in stride – I appreciate the fact that part of the goal of the camp is to provide measured results.  I like proof.  I like data.

On Friday at the end of the first full week of camp (1/12) we’ll do a fitness test that includes a timed mile and a push-up burnout.

Timed mile!  Push-up burnout!!

I have died and gone to fucking heaven.  I absolutely cannot wait to run a timed mile.  Do you know how much that fucking hurts?  Then, three weeks later at the end of camp we do it again to see how much faster we have gotten.  O bliss.

And pushup burnout?  This is what I am made for!

I’m excited.  I’m going to have to get up at 4:45am.  I’m going to have to plan the night before and pack.  I’m going to return to my blissful 100-120 grams of protein a day.  I’m going to go to bed at 8:30pm.

Who cares if I can’t sleep at all right now!  I will lay in bed for hours waiting to jump up at the alarm and go do pushup burnouts.  🙂

I like Daniel.  He gets as excited about nutrition and workouts as I do.

Timed mile!!



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