State Champs!!!


Oregon State Cat 4 Team Time Trial Champions, 2007

My super-foods post is almost done, I swear, but I keep getting distracted by really worthy things… like Sal’s gold medal at the Oregon State TTT Championships today! If you’re not familiar with how a team time trial works, check out this great overview of rules and tactics.

This was a huge win for Portland Velo and three of the four on the team had not spent any significant time riding a time-trial bike. Steve Brown, (right) actually received his bike the day before the event and had less than 25 miles experience on it. Sal borrowed a bike from a teammate and put about 60 miles on it before race day. The geometry of a time-trial bike (with the front aero-bars) is so tight and aggressive that adjusting to it and tweaking your fit should really be done over the course of months, not days.

They covered the 28 mile course in 1 hour, 3 minutes, averaging nearly 27 mph!

Huge love for my Sally, and big, big props to the entire team for an incredible effort worthy of gold.








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