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I’m a Delinquent – Here’s One Killer Recipe to Make Sure You Don’t Go Down the Same Road

What’s the fastest way to screw up what might otherwise be a mind-blowing, muscle-searing workout? Neglect your pre-workout meal.

Daniel totally called me out on it this morning as I agonized through a torturous round of shoulder-press-squat-combos.

“What did you eat this morning?” he asked.

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Happy 37th Birthday, Portland Velo Style

Sal turned 37 today and guess what he did to celebrate? Yep, he rode his bike. (Shocker.)

But, not only did he ride his bike, he rode a phat set of new Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheels that his super-rad girlfriend *cough cough* kicked down for to honor the passing of his youth.

And not only did he ride a phat set of Carbones, he rode them in his cycling team’s annual century, which just happened to fall on his illustrious day of birth.

While he rocked his wheels over the 62 mile course, I opted for a less painful form of celebration and rode along with Ty to do some photo documentation. At the end of the day I shot 844 frames, and I don’t have the will, nor the time, to properly review and edit them all so instead I’m just going to highlight a few of my favorites. Continue reading


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European Press Proclaims Tour Dead: EverydayAthlete Shakes Fist Angrily

Yesterday, Austin (Sweetpea Bicycles), Scott (Portland Velo Cat 3), and I held an impromptu support group session in the comments section of my blog entry. As the news of the day grew worse and worse (Cofidis!? Then Rasmussen!?) our dolor increased.

Scott and I were nearly sealed in our resolve to drown our sorrows in a keg+fifth combo when Continue reading

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I’m Tired of Having My Heart Broken: Go to Hell, Vino

Sal and I work together in separate home offices and we have a “door policy”; when the door is shut we’re heads down (do not disturb). So, yesterday when he came bursting through my closed door with a look of agony on his face I knew something really important must be up.

But I did not expect to hear what he had to say.

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Yum: From the Kick-Ass Protein Shake Files

I was running out today to make an 11:15am appointment and I had to have my late morning meal on the go. No problem, I thought, I’ll just whip up a protein shake and be on my way.

I surveyed the refrigerator and planned my attack:

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Back to BootCamp: Persistence and Fear

I couldn’t sleep last night.

In the muggy thickness of a strange and humid Portland summer my mind traversed continents.  Upon entertaining the notion of going back to India I found myself off on a Nepali trek with a witty Kiwi named Peter.  Memories and intentions blurred, scraping the surface of dreaming.

This is what you think about when you are distracting yourself from the fact that you’re sweating through your sheets and there’s a boot camp that awaits you in no less than 4 hours.

The truth is, I was nervous.

We had a two week break after the last boot camp session and then I missed a week (last week) due to business travel.  After three weeks off my pony, I was a little leery about getting back on. Continue reading

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Wrapping Up the Cascade Classic Wrath

We’re back.
It’s over.

Sal can rest.

How do you ride your first stage race? Guts out, glory in small doses.

Five Portland Velo riders did not complete all four stages of the three-day race, including Sal. After waking up this morning with lymph nodes the size of golf balls, he gutted out three grueling laps (totalling about 48 miles) of a ruthless and hilly circuit race before he had to abandon, unable to swallow food or liquid. He was just about 17 miles from finishing the whole ridiculous sufferfest.

That sounds tough and maybe it is, but he’s in good spirits and rightly so. This is what the Everyday Athlete is all about for me. It’s about waking up in the morning and going guts out until you’ve reached a place you’ve never been before. It’s about asking yourself for more than you think you can do, because you just happen to have that much faith.

I admire a Cat 4 rider who DNFs just as much as I admire Rasmussen, who put up an amazing ride in today’s Tour de Frace Stage 8.

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