Off to the Races

Sal and I are leaving tomorrow for Bend, Oregon so that he can participate in the Cascade Classic. This brutal stage race promises four bouts of Grade A suffering in a three-day timeframe.

On Friday they’ll race a Time Trial in the morning and then a Crit later that evening (ouch!!). Saturday brings an ass-kicking road race of 85 miles (the first 20 of which go straight up – check out the course profile), and Sunday puts the icing on the proverbial cake with a 63 mile circuit race.

This is the part where I prove that cyclists are far more insane than I will ever be.

I’ve been signed up to work support (feed stations or some rot, we’ll see what they have in store for me) and I’ll be working (like, the money-making variety) from our hotel room in between races. I’m also planning to shoot the heck out of this event with my spankin’ new Canon 5d.

I’ll do my best to post reports and pictures from the road. Speaking of the road. Here’s my plan for making it through a long weekend of questionable access to the things that make my nutrition plan work (george foreman grill, blender, fridge for fresh veggies).

  1. Almonds: I’m packin’ ’em and they may very well save my ass on multiple occassions.
  2. Protein shake powder with shaker: Not my favorite method for enjoying delicious Jay Robb shakes, but works in a pinch.
  3. Cooler: We’re going old school style with a big cooler and some ice. This should allow me to bring the milk, cottage cheese, and veggies that I need. Sal probably has some important nerdy cycling stuff that I’ll have to make room for as well :).
  4. Dialed-in, Bullet Proof Restaurant Strategy: We’ll likely be having several meals out. Here’s how I’ll have fun, eat well, and stay on my wagon (having just caught back up to it and rejoined the crew):
    1. Get a takeout box right when the food arrives. This way I keep a reasonable portion on my plate, put the rest in the box, and avoid the temptation to keep picking away. It also splits a 6 or 700 calorie meal into two meals (I’ll eat the leftovers later) which is way better for my metabolism.
    2. Stick to lean protein and veggies, keep the cheap carbs off my plate: I’ve gotten used to asking to replace potatoes or rice with a bigger serving of vegetables or salad. I used to be shy about being so high-maintenance but in reality, it’s not that big of a deal. I always tip at least 20% so I don’t feel bad asking for a little tweak to my meal now and then. If the rice or potatoes are on my plate I will eat them – period. Asking the kitchen to skip it not only saves me the extra crap-calories, it also means I’m not wasting food.
    3. Egg white omelets, cottage cheese, and extra fruit for breakfast. Easy. Skip the toast and potatoes and breakfast becomes pretty straight-forward.

With that, wish The Sally good luck – homeboy is going to need it, damn!!!




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2 responses to “Off to the Races

  1. sherry

    !Good luck Sal! you’re gonna do great!

  2. Ro

    Hey Sallie… You gonna kick some butt!!!! Wish that I could be there to see you race.


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