Oh My Effing Snaps!

I mean… Snaps!!

Today might go down as the longest day ever – and I didn’t do anything besides follow a bunch of racers around and shoot pictures. It’s hard to believe that Sal and his teammates from Portland Velo were racing a time trial this morning at 9:00am. I already feel like we’ve been here for a week.

I am absolutely ass-whooped but I thought I’d post a pictoral introduction to the boys (and a few bonus shots of some of my favorite pros and pro bicycles):

Ben. (Ben’s a doctor and sarcastic as all hell. He’s a chronic smiler during races – I have no idea how he pulls it off.)



Sally Boy, critin’ it up.


Jay in the foreground. Doctor Ben just behind him.
Jay rocks the track hard core.



EuroRob Rockin’ the sweet ‘Nago.



Ty. Ty runs the show. He’s also fast.



Rob. Rob hauls serious ass. Sal’s team is full of really stand-up guys and Rob is one of my favorites.
They don’t make ’em like him anymore.
He got caught in a pretty ugly crash yesterday in the crit and managed not to go down. He was literally surrounded by riders who were bouncing off of him left, right and upside down. He put an iron grip on his top bars and held on for dear life. It was pretty amazing to watch.



Scott: Big, fast, insane.
Scott is a time-trial specialist and has won several championships in Oregon over the years.



Steve. Hugely fast. Super funny.
Owns a restaurant in Portland and never fails to make me giggle.



Zach’s the baby – just turned 21. He’s fast as hell. This kid is going places.
He’s also all kinds of sweet.



Sorry. My camera loves Zach.



Javad! I heart Javad! He’s the biggest sweetheart this side of the Mississippi.
For real!!

John.  The new kid.  I didn’t get to talk to John much but I can tell you this:
He’s young, fast, and good-hearted.  Watch for him in the future.




Yeeeeeeeah, Ty!


Ok. Enough Portland Velo. Time for my second favorite pro (my first favorite being Barry Wicks, of course!)




I shot this with a 50mm lens… I was really this close to him! So close! Aaaaaah!
And now my favorite bike/kit combo:


Omygod. Can you say Colnago-Campy! Holy hell, what a rig.



It’s almost midnight and my proverbial eggs are fried.

More from the road tomorrow.

Sleep tight.






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8 responses to “Oh My Effing Snaps!

  1. Eric

    Ben is my favorite, I think. You know, besides Sal.

  2. BettyC

    What great shots!

    And can I just inappropriately gush about men on bikes? Wow. So powerful. I love bike legs.

  3. Sherry

    amazing photos! beautiful shooting heidi!!!!

  4. Ro

    Amazing photos!!!

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  6. Ashley

    Amazing shots!

  7. Sherry

    pictures of Ryan Trebon never get old 🙂

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