Yum: From the Kick-Ass Protein Shake Files

I was running out today to make an 11:15am appointment and I had to have my late morning meal on the go. No problem, I thought, I’ll just whip up a protein shake and be on my way.

I surveyed the refrigerator and planned my attack:

  • Fresh-ground almond butter
  • Ground Flax Seed
  • Jay Robb Vanilla Whey Protein Isolate
  • Non-Fat Milk
  • 4 ice cubes (alright, technically these weren’t in the fridge and neither was the protein isolate… stop splitting hairs!)

60 seconds in my trusty blender and I had a mouth-watering shake worthy of any Dairy Queen drive-up.

No really. I’m serious. Better than DQ!

I had to beat Sal off with a stick as I was rushing out the front door to keep him from stealing it – and that boy has a serious sweet-tooth.

Happy Blending!


(PS – Curious why I choose Jay Robb Protein?  Let me tell you…)



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4 responses to “Yum: From the Kick-Ass Protein Shake Files

  1. stephalopoulos

    So last night on my Whole Foods run I noticed that they sell Jay Robb. I bought a single-serve packet of the vanilla. Aside from this concoction with almond butter (which I ran out of before I moved apartments and, like a stupid girl, did not replenish my supply of…oh, how I love it so..), what are some of your favourite drink recipes using the protein powder? Any fruits you really love mixing in, or just plain with milk?

    I am also slightly nervous, because there is lecithin in the mixture. I have some issues with soy. HOPEFULLY there will be a small enough amount of lecithin that it won’t bother me (it is, after all, whey protein…not that I have ever had whey protein before, but at least it’s not soy protein). Oddly enough I can’t even eat an oddwalla bar or a kashi bar, because the amounts of soy lecithin and soy protein in just those little bars is enough to set my body on the path of a soy-infused ruin.


    The Jay Robb stuff is a bit expensive, but if I like it, if my body doesn’t have a problem with it, and if I can find enough of a sense of variety on how to make drinks, then it COULD be a good thing for me to buy and stash in my desk at work. I have noticed that by about 2:30 in the afternoon I start, hardcore, getting down and out and the voice in my head starts telling me that going home and curling up into a ball is far preferable than going to the gym. When I have snacks with me that are protein-based and I take a snack break around the time the voices have come, it becomes a LOT easier to talk myself into sticking with my original plan–gym, spinning, etc. If protein powder could provide me with access to make good for me snacks that are tasty, fulfilling, and that do not cause bad biological reactions, then I am all for it.

    Let the Jay Robb experiment begin…

  2. Bah – that sucks about your soy issues, Steph! I hope the experiment goes well.

    As for price, I would say that in this case I absolutely believe that you are “getting what you pay for” – a lot of protein supplements, etc are crammed full of garbage and Jay Robb absolutely is not. (Many “health”bars are really just glorified candy bars when you look at the ingredients).

    There will be more Jay Robb product reviews soon – and probably some Jay Robb recipe reviews… I also heard a rumor that Jay is working on organic versions of his whey isolate, which is freaking rad.

  3. stephalopoulos

    Well tomorrow is test-day (Fridays, I think, are good for that. Especially when you don’t have to go to work on a Saturday and when spinning class is late enough that you can buck up from a soy disaster and get yourself out of the apartment…).

    I think I am going to go simple–the vanilla protein powder, skim milk, and either blueberries or strawberries. If this works out well enough, then it will make my life a LOT easier when it comes to packing foodstuffs for my work days (which often have me out of the house for 10-14 hours at a stretch).

    And if this works, man I will be SO happy. I’ve cut down on my eating out quite significantly (now it’s maybe 1 time a week as opposed to my previous lack of discipline with that…) so that I could amp up the quality of my groceries. It makes the cost of this powder, should it work well for me, affordable and reasonable. If it doesn’t work then I am stuck with my usual smoothie–skim milk, some fresh-squeezed OJ, mangoes, frozen blueberries.

    And I would welcome recipe reviews really damn well. On Jay Robb stuff as well as other food preps that you enjoy with some of your staple products (chicken, spinach, etc.). It’s cliche, but variety–including the ideas that might not be in your normal bag of tricks–certainly is wonderful to have…

  4. stephalopoulos

    OK I hope so much that over the next few hours I do not have problems. I just drank skim milk with Jay Robb and it was delicious. Seriously–it tasted like I was drinking yellow cake mix.

    I can only imagine how great it will taste once I get my new blender in the mail (ex-roommate has my blender and there is NO way I will get it from her). I can imagine the ways I can mix flavors…

    So tasty! If I do not get sick from this, then it will be SO worth the money…

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