Happy 37th Birthday, Portland Velo Style

Sal turned 37 today and guess what he did to celebrate? Yep, he rode his bike. (Shocker.)

But, not only did he ride his bike, he rode a phat set of new Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheels that his super-rad girlfriend *cough cough* kicked down for to honor the passing of his youth.

And not only did he ride a phat set of Carbones, he rode them in his cycling team’s annual century, which just happened to fall on his illustrious day of birth.

While he rocked his wheels over the 62 mile course, I opted for a less painful form of celebration and rode along with Ty to do some photo documentation. At the end of the day I shot 844 frames, and I don’t have the will, nor the time, to properly review and edit them all so instead I’m just going to highlight a few of my favorites.

I took a different tack today and shot a lot with my fisheye lens (with which I have a long-standing love affair). Races are intense and I shoot to capture that intensity. Club centuries are fun, laid-back, and social – so I tried to honor that today.

So without further ado …

The Birthday Boy with Javad (stealing a sip of my coffee pre-ride).



Birthday Boy rockin’ afore-mentioned Carbones.


Devon. This guy was all over my lens today.
He’s ridiculously goofy (and photogenic) and also, apparently, is some kind of wicked-kick-ass national level triathlete.


See what I mean?


I rest my case.
Can you say, “expressive”?

(I also love Sal’s reaction.)


Mark Duff from the Veloforma crew was on-site pedaling his shiny-shiny, SUPER insanely light bikes. Sal has ordered a veloforma for the ‘cross season (yes, he’s buying another bike. If you’re counting that will bring the household total to 10 – but let’s not count, ok?)



Mark likes cream puffs.


Also From the Made-Me-Laugh Department:


Rob is F-ing hilarious. Look at him!


Look at him again! Look at that belly he is making! I heart Rob.


Now, from the He’ll-Pout-If-I-Don’t-Post-These Files…



Steve is the photographer’s pet. He loves the camera (can you tell – look at that look he’s giving me). Did someone order the ham?


Here he is practicing his two-armed salute.



More proof that we had crazy fun:







With that, I leave you to the baked beans.
Get yer sleep on, it’s time for shuteye!












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3 responses to “Happy 37th Birthday, Portland Velo Style

  1. Great pix – Formerly Floyd has never looked better!

  2. Sherry

    Happy Birthday Sal!!

  3. Hi Heidi and Sal!
    Great shots of the days events.
    Sal you’re still 3.5 years behind on the age thing. I would say it gets easier, but really getting out of bed gets harder. Happy Bday Sal, cause I think I forgot to say it yesterday! Again great shots Heidi!!! Cross season is just around the corner and is going to be oh so fun!!!!

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