I’m a Delinquent – Here’s One Killer Recipe to Make Sure You Don’t Go Down the Same Road

What’s the fastest way to screw up what might otherwise be a mind-blowing, muscle-searing workout? Neglect your pre-workout meal.

Daniel totally called me out on it this morning as I agonized through a torturous round of shoulder-press-squat-combos.

“What did you eat this morning?” he asked.

I looked back at him like a little kid that just got caught cheating.

“Heidi!” he couldn’t even disguise his disappointment.

With good reason. Skipping your pre-workout meal (which, for me, happens to be breakfast) is just about the stupidest thing you could do. It’s like driving your car into the dessert when you’re running on fumes.


I won’t sit here an make excuses for myself – I’d gotten lax. When I woke up and couldn’t scrounge up an appetite (this happens sometimes at 4:30 in the morning!) I just let it slide and suffered my way through workouts that I should have totally been killing.

Rookie. So rookie.

As I lamented this lapse in bootcamp, my fellow camper, Kristen, offered up her pre-workout shake recipe as a remedy – and the sound of it was music to my ears.

  • 1 cup cold coffee (saved in the fridge from the day before)
  • ice
  • Jay Robb Vanilla Whey Protein Isolate powder

Blend and prepare to have your tastebuds rocked (I went home and tried it right away.)

This may or may not be sanctioned by the good (and uber-healthy) people over at JayRobb but, one thing that I will never give up is my coffee. (God strike you down for even thinking that.)

How can I ever consider skipping my pre-workout meal with a shake like that? I’ll add some L-Glutamine to mine and kick mad bootcamp butt.

In the meantime, you go kick your booty of choice. And kick it hard now, ya hear?




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3 responses to “I’m a Delinquent – Here’s One Killer Recipe to Make Sure You Don’t Go Down the Same Road

  1. stephalopoulos

    If I could stomach coffee (it works through me the way that soy, beans, corn do…blech…), that would sound like the most bitchin’ thing in the morning.

    I wonder how Jay Robb vanilla whey protein would mix in with diet coke. I’m sure it would be SUPER disgusting, but part of me is fascinated enough to maybe try it.

    And the whey protein is not making me sick!! It’s not making me sick!! Yesterday I tried the chocolate, mixed in (shaken…) with skim milk from my office’s fridge (the powers that be supply whole, 2%, and skim milk in all of the fridges in my building so that the coffee drinkers can have their needs met. Little do they know that for me it becomes cereal-accompaniment–and now something that makes Jay Robb drinks possible!!!). The chocolate was good. I liked the vanilla better. I gave one of my bosses, who needed energy, a packet. He fell in love with it.

    The stuff is so good that I am convinced now that come payday I want to stock up. And it JUST might keep me out of my coworker’s candy bowl…

  2. FunnyGirl

    Love this recipe!!

  3. … you still were great.

    Makes me proud. Makes Boot Camp so worth it.

    Along with remembering to eat… the 100mg methylxanthine/ Jay Robb concotion seems like it might prep you for next Monday.

    On the other hand… might wanna make it a double.

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