Gear Friday: Not My iPhone

I’ll be honest.

For today’s Gear Friday feature I really want to write about my iPhone.


Because amidst the chaos that I have created for myself this month, it has been simultaneously keeping me sane and saving my ass. Seriously – I can’t even begin to tell you how this device has stabilized me as I’ve attempted to

  • Plan my 30th birthday party (T-minus 15 days – ahhhh!) complete with out-of-state guests
  • Move my office out of my house and into a real-live work studio (which requires internets and phones and refrigerators and microwaves and furniture and alarm codes and lease agreements and insurance documentation and moving trucks and costco memberships and airport extremes and… well, you get it.)
  • Attend, document, design and produce all last-minute print materials for, and generally execute magical marketing mastery at my largest client’s largest event of the year
  • Write one of the biggest, most important RFPs that I’ve ever been honored to write for a project that is near and dear to my heart and a client for which I would chop off my right arm if I thought it would impress her
  • Buy enough furniture to fill the gaping void that moving office has created in my little house (and have it delivered before previously mentioned party) (and not compromise on my desire to get the mid-century modern Danish stuff that I’ve been waiting to buy for my entire adult life)
  • Manage and execute extensive edits to current client website while overseeing the launch of another’s brand-new, spankin’ website
  • Shoot weddings (yep, multiple)

So, all this to say, the iPhone was not going to be my feature this Gear Friday because it doesn’t feel like it’s traditionally related to health, fitness, diet, nutrition, running, yoga, or sweat BUT… as I thought about that I came to a realization.

For the past week, the iPhone, with all of it’s multi-tasking, ass-kicking, stream-lining glory, has been the single most-important key to my general well-being.

And if general well-being ain’t a part of living a healthy, happy, active, and enjoyable life, then I don’t know what is.

So, with no further regrets, I present to you this week’s featured gear, my beloved iPhone – keeper of the websites, contacts, driving directions, email, and text messages that combine to make me a bastion of efficiency and a veritable force of nature:




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One response to “Gear Friday: Not My iPhone

  1. stephalopoulos

    I am slightly envious of your rampant iPhone-ing. Oh how it would fine-tune my own multi-tasking! Oh how it would have rendered me more internet-able this past week than I have been! But it is oh-so-expensive for me right now, considering that my OWN sense of sanity and wellbeing has come from purchasing airplane tickets to visit a friend (tickets are gear, right? *smirk*), fabulous blue jeans because good blue jeans are NECESSARY, supafly sunglasses that I have been drooling over for nearly 2 years now (oversized, tortoiseshell, kate spade…you get the idea…), and the most intensely awesome massage and pedicure I have had thus far, which was at a spa inside a 150 year old farmhouse.

    But iPhone. Yeah. Fab. Wow. And good luck with all of that stuff on your list. That’s a lot. But I wouldn’t expect any less of you, girl…

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