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Barlow, Thy Name is Mud

This year, cyclocross is a completely different ballgame.

I’m confident.
I have a team.
I’m not afraid.
I’m hungry.

No. I’m ravenous. Continue reading



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To Cyclocross Season, With Love.

It’s here.

It’s finally goddam here.


My first race is tomorrow. I’ve been home from my three week world tour for 2 days. I’ve been on my bike 2 days in the past month.

I could give a shit.

Wanna know why? Where do I start?

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Temptation is My Sicilian Lover

You can keep your damn twinkies.
You can keep your damn brownies.
Keep your pasta and rice and chicken fried steak.

You want temptation?

Stay with your Sicilian in-laws for three days and just see if that brick-oven in the backyard doesn’t kick your ass.

How do you say no to a woman who is only four feet tall and looks as if her heart might break if you don’t have another pizza? Continue reading


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Managing the Vacation: 16 Minute Workouts that Absolutely Kill

You may have guessed from the ringing silence around here that I have been up to something.  Indeed, I’ve been traveling for the last two weeks – 11 days in New York, 2 days in LA, and now 3 days in San Francisco.

The trip was a mix of business and pleasure, and my schedule has been full and hectic.  Nutrition has been challenging, and I definitely haven’t been able to workout the way that I usually do, but I figured out a great way to sneak in an ass-kicking workout with only a 16 minute commitment. Continue reading


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The One-Week Calamity: Don’t Ever Stop Moving

Between getting ready for a long trip to New York and LA, finishing up some major projects at work, and decompressing from my 30th birthday party, I ended up going 6 straight days without a workout.

That’s madness.

And it invites a nasty spiral that is neither productive, nor healthy.  Stop working out, start freaking out about food intake.  Cut back food intake.  Metabolism takes a nose-dive.  Body rebels.  Sluggishness ensues.  Sluggishness leads to anxiety about sluggishness.  Anxiety, coupled with slowed metabolism causes huge distress.

Things get tense.  Even when they’re not.

Why did I stop moving?  There are no good reasons – but this is what was going through my head.

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My Work Here is Done.

Last night Sherry, Sierra, and I rolled to a park in SE Portland for a cyclocross clinic put on by one of our favorite hometown heroes, Molly Cameron. I credit Molly with single-handedly converting me to the Church of Cyclocross. When I moved to Portland, I began reading her blog religiously to get an insider’s look at the local racing scene.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Now it’s cyclocross season and the whole city is going completely ape-shit with preparations. Practice barriers are being constructed, clinics held, and cowbells polished. It’s on.

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A Knock-Your-Socks-Off Jay Robb Fudgesicle Recipe for Labor Day

Last week Maggie Wang posted her favorite recipe for making protein fudgesicles. (By the way, she’s wicked smart and completely kicks ass. Her website contains a wealth of information and she’s extremely entertaining to boot.)

Inspired, I adapted her recipe to include my favorite whey protein isolate (Jay Robb!) and a nifty new chocolate product that I recently discovered in my favorite neighborhood grocery store, New Seasons Market. (I also used good old cow milk instead of soy milk cuz I don’t have any dairy tolerance issues.)

The result is a seriously religious frozen chocolate explosion.

Oh. My. God.

You’re going to love this one. Continue reading


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