Everyday Athlete is a labor of love produced by Heidi Swift, a Portland, Oregon resident (Seattle native) and long-time blogger with a penchant for adventure. When she’s not taking pictures or making pretty marketing for people, she’s running, cycling, hiking, softball-ing or bootcamp-ing.

Everyday Athlete is all about what it means to keep your body in motion and feel good doing it. It’s about carving out a space in the world to feel healthy, strong, fast, motivated, elated and inspired. It’s about fitness, sure, and hopefully you’ll find some really killer resources here, but it’s also about living big and following your passion.

It’s also about embracing local heroes (including yourself!) and taking the focus away from the big-name, overpaid, frequently disappointing professional athletes that we have been trained to look up to, admire, and emulate.

Be your own hero.
Run that illusive PR.
Set a goal and nail it.
Take control and start killin’ it.

You’re a superstar.


Heidi Swift is about as competitive as they come (sometimes to a fault). In the fall of 2004 her older sister foolishly challenged her to a pull-up contest.

The date was set for January of 2005.

In the months leading up to the event, Heidi trained rigorously and was introduced to a whole new world of weight-lifting, fat-burning, and general endorphin-induced ecstasy.

Needless to say, she destroyed her sister with a crushing 9-2 victory. The rest, as they say, is history. Spurred on by positive reactions to fitness-posting on her original, personal blog, she created the Everyday Athlete Blog to focus on providing content that will help people transform their bodies, hearts, and minds.

What’s Up With the Ads?

Don’t you hate advertising?
Me too.

I really, really do – trust me – I worked at a huge advertising agency in San Francisco for five years. Advertising makes me want to go to the gym and drop a 50 pound weight on my head.

But you know what? I love this blog. I love all the people I’ve met, I love getting to write about sports and fitness every day, I love sharing the knowledge that I have, and I love researching all the latest and greatest stuff.

And doing all this takes time and energy. And, well, sometimes money.

So yeah, there’s a little bit of advertising here, and I sincerely hope that you won’t hold it against me. Trust that I will never endorse a product or service that I do not believe in. Your trust is important to me and I intend to handle it with care.


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