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27 Nutrition Tips from The Master (John Berardi): Part One

When it comes to nutriton, there are a lot of voices out there on the internet vying for your attention. Doing a simple search for “best nutrition strategies” can be overwhelming enough to deter you from making the changes that you want to make. Who to believe?!

Everyone is a fitness expert, right? Every new website has a different plan an opinions on strategy shift drastically from month to month. It can be frustrating.

I’ve spent a lot of time online sifting through all the information out there, and at the end of the day, it’s John Berardi that rises to the top. His free articles like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutrition Plans are diamond mines of rock-solid nutrition advice from a guy who has been formally studying exercise science and nutrition for years.

In the following weeks I’ll be featuring 27 tips from Berardi: starting today!

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Cycling Buddy: Find a Workout Partner for Inspiration

Leif Erickson trail is dark and damp.  We roll up it, turning over pedals with legs that are something more than tired.


We’re recovering.  Neither one of us really understands this “recovery ride” thing, but we’ve learned to have faith and take chances.  We’re giving it a shot.

We are alone.  At least so far as cyclists are concerned.

We pass one or two runners coming down, ducking out of Forest Park just in the nick of time.  Outrunning the setting sun.

We’re riding straight into the darkness and we don’t care because we have lights.  And a mission. Continue reading


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Gear Friday: Not My iPhone

I’ll be honest.

For today’s Gear Friday feature I really want to write about my iPhone.


Because amidst the chaos that I have created for myself this month, Continue reading

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The QuickStart Guide to Eating: Better Nutrition in 217 words

Don’t have time to deal with all the crap I wrote in “The Super Basic Five Steps You Can Take to Begin to Eat Smarter“?

No problem.

I boiled it down into three handy-dandy guidelines to give anyone a jumpstart on improving their nutrition.

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How to Blast Fat Off Your Body in Record Time

Fitness can be about a lot of things. It can be about creating a feeling and experience of wellness and establishing healthy patterns and habits in your life. It can be about creating a strong body so that we are better prepared to weather the unpredictable ailments and challenges that may come our way. It can be about performance – about pushing our limits and stretching our concept of what we are capable of doing.

It can be all those things and more – and we’ll do well to keep the big picture in mind.

Sometimes, however, it just comes down to the question that I get asked so many times:

How do I get this fat off my body and keep it off?

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Sleep Station: Ten Tips for Getting Better WinkEye

I’m big on sleep.

Earlier this year when I was still spinning marketing cogs for a software company in town, I went through a two and a half month period of really, really crappy sleep. We were preparing to launch a huge new product and the to-do list that was in front of us was inconceivably long. Some sketchy planning and last minute changes (to the product and our marketing plan) had put us in a real crunch.

Those kind of curve balls are par for the course but it was definitely go time.

I am a “go time” person so I get sucked right into shit like that. I wanted the launch to be a huge success, I wanted us to knock it out of the park… I threw my back into it.

Even when I did get home in time to get a decent night’s sleep, I was so amped up from all the stress and energy at work that it took me hours to wind down. Nothing worked. Not teas, baths, melatonin, valerian, poppy flower, relaxing eye covers… nothing. I actually started chugging Nyquil at one point. (Nyquil did work but made for a brutal morning and, um, chugging Nyquil is probably not a practice one should engage in regularly).

To make matters worse, we were sleeping on a crappy old mattress that had seen it’s days. That all ended one morning when, after getting virtually no sleep at all, I had a mental break. I sat down at my desk at work, ignored the pile of tasks that were stacked in front of me, and called the friendly folks at Sleep by Number. Fifteen minutes and $3,300 later a sleep number bed was en route to our house. I called Sal to let him know, hung up the phone, and got down to work.

All this to say: there are a lot of tips and tricks that you can do to make sure that you get a better night’s sleep but nothing is as important as getting a better grip on what’s going on in your life, finding ways to reduce your stress levels, and sleeping on a good mattress.

With that on the table I give you Ten Tips for Getting Better WinkEye!

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My Hangup With the Word “Fitness”

I’m an athlete. I play sports. I compete.

First and foremost, that’s how I define myself. That’s where I find value in physical activity. My heart believes that it (the activity) should serve a purpose as a means to end toward a greater goal.

For years I considered myself a purist in this respect. I scoffed at the idea of a gym. I scoffed at the idea of diets and nutrition and exercise tapes and dumbbells and workout “aids”. I actually scoffed at the very idea of a “workout” insofar as I defined it as an isolated set of activities designed only for the purpose of achieving a certain level of fitness driven solely by vanity.

Not for me, I thought. I’m an athlete.

Sure. Sure you are.

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