I’m in the process of updating this site, so this page probably won’t be that pretty. Pretty or no – I wanted to start compiling some of my favorite resources all in one place since most of these links are scattered throughout posts in my blog. (I’ll be working on this over the next few days so bear with me as I continue to add more)

Fitness Blogs
Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat” Blog Tom Venuto is one of my favorite nutrition guys out there. He tells it straight. No funny business. His blog is packed with great stuff.
Turbulence Training Blog – Craig Ballantyne Craig is no-nonsense – his blog is imformative and his program, Turbulence Training, is ass-kicking hard and works.
Lean and Hungry Fitness Blog Entertaining and well-named blog about training, weight-lifting, etc.
Alwyn Cosgrove’s Blog Cosgrove is a fat-burning and muscle-building expert that I trust – loads of great content here.
Caustic Musings (Maggie Wang) Maggie Wang is a one-woman fitness avenger! This woman’s tracking and discipline will astound and inspire you. Besides that, she has one of the most useful and practical blogs that I have ever read – don’t miss her resources page!

Fitness Reference Resources and Programs
Precision Nutrition This is my current favorite nutrition program. It is a complete package, customizable for all levels from beginners to super-advanced workout-and-nutrition-aholics.
Gourmet Nutrition eBook This is the PDF of the Gourmet Nutrition cookbook that comes with Precision Nutrition. My kitchen now lives and dies by this cookbook. Seriously.
Burn the Fat Book Loaded with tons of great information, written by a fellow who walks to walk and has nutrition nailed.
Turbulence Training GREAT bodyweight workout plans and amazing, supportive community. When you join Turbulence Training you’re getting a ton of resources that are updated and added to daily. Warning: these workouts are hard.
Fit Over 40 Man. This is a seriously amazing book that will transform your ideas about age and fitness. Packed with fantastic real-life success stories.
Master Cleanse The hippy in me loves a good cleanse every now and then. It goes contrary to some of my other beliefs about feeding the muscle, stoking metabolism, etc. but something about a good cleansing program is always really good for my spirit.


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