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I Heart Forest Park

I have been locked in the Westin LAX for 5 days straight without rest. Fifteen hours of work every day. Hotel meals. Boring treadmill runs at 5:30 in the morning.

When I step into the light outside the front doors of the hotel to catch the airport shuttle I am stunned.

This is the first sun I’ve seen in all those days. The first fresh air. And I use that term loosely because I am in LA, after all.

My flight is delayed after we board. We sit on the runway for an hour. I don’t get home until 1:00am.

And then, on Monday, there’s Forest Park. And my new riding buddy (who just placed 2nd in the B field!).

The day is clear and bright. Continue reading


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Did You Hear That Bell? Schools Out!!!

I prayed for rain.  Seriously – I prayed all night long.

The weather report last night said 70% chance of rain and I thought, “Oh my god!  God still loves me!!”

And then today… nothing.  Not a goddam drop.

I guess god is still really still be pissed off at me for sleeping with my church camp counselor ‘cuz he didn’t squirt out a single little shower for me last night or today.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip. Continue reading


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Who are These European Bike-Commuting Hotties and How Do They Do It?

Ok, I give. I’m calling this one out.

So, many readers of this site will be unaware of the fact that I am very into fashion. My look is understated, and I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista, but I follow the industry, know my brands, have a specific point-of-view, and always review runway shows. All this to say, I’m an avid reader of The Sartorialist and one of the things I love about his site is that he frequently shoots women on bikes.

These women are always wearing something effortlessly flawless, often with high-heels, dresses, big scarves and large sunglasses. I love them. It’s ridiculous, I know. But I do. Continue reading


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Barlow, Thy Name is Mud

This year, cyclocross is a completely different ballgame.

I’m confident.
I have a team.
I’m not afraid.
I’m hungry.

No. I’m ravenous. Continue reading


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SnarkyPants Rides Again: A Bicycle Commuter Once More

When I left my job in downtown Portland, one of my former co-workers asked me if I missed riding my bike into work everyday. I answered honestly.


Why would I want to make a 3 mile commute to a place that completely stressed me out? Truth be told, on most days my ride into work was the only part of the workday that I enjoyed. That tended to make the whole bike commuting thing a little bittersweet.

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Happy 37th Birthday, Portland Velo Style

Sal turned 37 today and guess what he did to celebrate? Yep, he rode his bike. (Shocker.)

But, not only did he ride his bike, he rode a phat set of new Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheels that his super-rad girlfriend *cough cough* kicked down for to honor the passing of his youth.

And not only did he ride a phat set of Carbones, he rode them in his cycling team’s annual century, which just happened to fall on his illustrious day of birth.

While he rocked his wheels over the 62 mile course, I opted for a less painful form of celebration and rode along with Ty to do some photo documentation. At the end of the day I shot 844 frames, and I don’t have the will, nor the time, to properly review and edit them all so instead I’m just going to highlight a few of my favorites. Continue reading


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Off to the Races

Sal and I are leaving tomorrow for Bend, Oregon so that he can participate in the Cascade Classic. This brutal stage race promises four bouts of Grade A suffering in a three-day timeframe.

On Friday they’ll race a Time Trial in the morning and then a Crit later that evening (ouch!!). Saturday brings an ass-kicking road race of 85 miles (the first 20 of which go straight up – check out the course profile), and Sunday puts the icing on the proverbial cake with a 63 mile circuit race.

This is the part where I prove that cyclists are far more insane than I will ever be.

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